Tanning Beds

Because we all have different skin types we have different tanning needs and it is important to find the tanning equipment that best suits your skin.  This is why we offer a variety of tanning options and bed types.  Please speak with one of our tanning consultants to choose which bed is right for you. 



For the safety of our customers, we fully comply with all FDA regulations and have also made some store regulations that we feel are necessary.

Our most important regulations are listed below:

* You must wait 24 hours between tanning sessions.

* Approved protective eyewear must be worn while tanning.

* Wisconsin FDA requires you must be 16 years old to tan with UV.

* The FDA prohibits children accompanying you into the tanning room as only one person is allowed in each tanning room.

* Each bed is sanitized before every use with a germicide that is tested to ensure its strength.

* Inform staff of pregnancy as heat and discomfort may become issues, we recommend you consult with your physician before tanning.

* Make-up should be removed before tanning because some chemicals may cause a reaction. Sun screens in make-up will prevent you from getting optimal results.

* Contacts and all jewelry should be removed before tanning.

* Use of unauthorized tanning products is strictly prohibited and will damage the acrylics.

* Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the tanning centers. This includes restrooms and sunrooms.

* Management reserves the right to deny you to tan if the customer service representative feels you are disruptive and if Paradise feels you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

* We apologize, but we cannot be responsible for personal valuables left on our premises.

* In the unlikely event you have a problem with your equipment, please tell your customer service rep.


* Our customer service representatives reserve the right to deny anyone tanning privileges if they feel that the customer does not meet all Paradise Island Tanning and FDA regulations.